Full-stack Web Developer

I'm a Copenhagen, Denmark based web designer and frontend developer focused on crafting clean & user-friendly experiences.

Earned a Bachelor in Web Development, AP Computer Science and Multimedia design/Web Integrator. I am skilled developer with a passion for technology and programming, curious about new technologies and like working in a fast paced and agile environment. Sharp thinker and always bring creativity to problem solving. I have endless thirst of knowledge, focus and performance driven.

I took my internship at Roskilde Tekniske Skole as a webintegrator teacher and my primary responsibilities include programming, web design, and web application development. Active and affiliated with different IT organization like Dansk Unix User Group, Opensourcedays, and TheCamp.I’m the one of the lead frontend developers, event organizer and arranging IT conference on the said organization. I’ve been there for 3 years and been enjoying a great source of connections.

I love web development, programming, web design, agile and I really love this space. I can easily talk to developer and a designer since I have knowledge on both areas.I learned most of the basic knowledge of programming from school and I had to learn most of that on my own and basically through looking at what people did online, through courses and books.I am good in teamwork and dedicated on the task that been given. I am witty, workaholic, adventurous and have an enthusiastic attitude.